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Managing Time to Work and Study in Australia

HOW TO MANAGE TIME BETWEEN WORKING AND STUDY IN AUSTRALIA Being an international student in Australia who also works part time is not easy. There are several issues at work that will probably create disrpution at school / college. Here are the effective measures that can help you to manage your time between work and study in Australia: Provide schedule of your classes for managers in your workplace so that your manager can adjust your working hours. Organise your time to avoid delays in the work place. For example, if you leave school at 4pm, you should at least start the shift at [ ... ]
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Budgeting Tips in Australia for International Students

Studying in Australiawill open a lot of opportunities for you but for some it may be a costly investment. The room payments every month, meals every day, transport, shopping, will drain your debit card. But stay calm and find a way to earn more money, here’s how: Find a scholarship. If you already have a scholarship that is good, then all  you need to do is  just give your best in your studies so you will be able to keep your scholarship Help your landlord. If you are living with your landlord do not be afraid to ask them for discounted rates [ ... ]
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Melbourne is the Capital City of Victoria on the South East coast of Australia.  Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, with Sydney, NSW the largest. Victoria’s economy is highly diversified with the majority of employment being in health, education, wholesale, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and financial and property services. The population of Victoria is 5,821.300 and it is estimated that the population could reach 7.2 million by the year 2050. The shortest distance from Australia to the Asia Pacific Region is approximately 3702 kilometers or 2300 miles, Air flying time would take approximately 4 hours to arrive in Australia, also dependent on [ ... ]
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