Student Visa Australia


For those who want to learn or study or take courses in Australia for more than 3 months, they will be required to obtain a student visa to enter Australia. Holders of this visa can engage in study at school, college (either regular or scholarship program), university or a short course/English course. Those holding a student visa Australia are able to:

  1. Work part time during study (20 hours/week in week days & 40 hours/week in school holiday).
  2. Enjoy a long period of time in Australia (valid in accordance with the duration of program of study).

Financial evidence is required in order to proceed with a student visa Australia Application through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If calculated in dollars, the total cost would approximately AUD $ 30.000 in your bank account. This financial requirement is very important to show that the student visa Australia holder has sufficient fund to cover the entire period of their study, living cost, travelling cost, etc. For those who are interested to continue studying in Australia, you should prepare your financial the earliest as possible.

With the student visa australia, students are able to invite family members to visit Australia, whether it is a spouse, parent, or child. Depending on the visa assessment level, in order to invite family to Australia, there may be additional financial evidence required other than that specified for student visa australia holders. Because Indonesia is on assessment level 2, Indonesian students only need to show financial evidence that covers a year tuition fees, return ticket, and living expenses for one year in Australia.

International students, who are under 18 years old, are required to have a guardian until they reach the age of 18 A guardian can be their parent or blood relative. The nominated guardian should apply for a separate visa, which called a student guardian visa australia.

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