The Advantages of Studying in Perth Australia and different cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane


There are many options offered by various universities all over the world to attract international students. Each has its own advantages and benefits, including Australia. There are many advantages of studying in Perth Australia and other cities available to international students, including those from Indonesia, who wish to continue their study in Perth  Australia:

  1. The colleges or universities in Australia are internationally recognized
  2. The opportunity to have part time job while studying
  3. Improving  English
  4. A safe and friendly multicultural country
  5. Graduates recognized internationally and can work in many countries.
  6. Modern and innovative learning support facilities
  7. Expert and international award winning Lecturers
  8. A variety of subjects available during study in Australia
  9. Proximity to Indonesia
  10. Graduate eligible to apply for a graduate visa upon completion of study. This visa allows you to work in full time job in Australia up to 4 years.
  11. May have a chance to apply for a Permanent Residency in Australia.

One of the most common expectations among students is that once the graduate visa expires, there is the opportunity to apply for to become a Permanent Resident in Australia. International students who apply for Permanent Resident Australia from education sector must meet several requirements proposed by the Australian government. These requirements include good English with an IELTS score of 7 along with a history of relevant work experience in Australia. Obviously, only certain people can apply for Permanent Resident Australia because of its difficulties and very high qualifications. What is the advantage of applying to become a Permanent Resident in Australia? Australia Permanent Resident visa holders will receive the same rights as an Australian citizen other than participating in elections. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Can work for full time in Australia with an Australian standard of salary
  2. Get discounts up to 50% for continuing study at the Master or PhD degree.
  3. A first home buyer’s grant provided by the Australian government.
  4. The Australian government provides a ‘baby bonus’ of AUD $ 5,000 for each child who born in the family.
  5. The government will pay all the education fees of the children enrolled in public schools and provide financial support for children up to 16 years of age depending on financial needs.

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