Who says that it’s hard to apply for visas in Australia? education ONE & ONE derland Consulting are ready to help you to apply for various types of Australia visa to meet your individual needs.  Whether it is student visa, tourist visa, working holiday visa, working visa, business visa, or partner visa, we are here to help. We are an official & reliable migration agent in Perth located in Australia (MARN: 0961448) registered with the Australian government. Ware ready to provide you with appropriate and up to date information in accordance with the migrations rules and regulations in Australia, including any new changes to these regulations.

education ONE is an Australian education agency based in Perth, with branch offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We also operate offices in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. With an extensive network and solid knowledge of the education and migration systems in Australia, we are ready to provide up-to-date information and friendly service for anyone who wants to study in Australia. Over time, we have established solid relationships with a large number of schools and universities in Australia so we are able to provide potential students with a range of study options.

What are education ONE’s product and services?

  1. We provide unlimited free consultation in the selection of the appropriate school or university in Australia
  2. We assist you in providing important updates of the education and migration systems in Australia
  3. We provide a pre-departure orientation session.
  4. Onshore, we provide orientation session and airport pick up, so you will feel secure & comfort once you are in Australia
  5. We assist you in getting a part time job, accommodation, mobile registration and setting up banking utilities in Australia
  6. We offer 6 monthly comfort calls if you have any issues with your subject, homesick or having a problem to adapt with the Australian environment
  7. We assist you with your visa as well as future development if you would like to apply for permanent residency or working visa in Australia after you graduate from school

To apply for one of the universities/school/colleges in Perth Australia through education ONE, you should prepare these following documents:

  1. A passport which valid for at least 1 year prior to departure to Australia.
  2. Previous education certificate and transcript from high school or university
  3. IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 5.5 to get a direct entry to a diploma and a minimum score 6.5 to get a direct entry to a bachelor or master degrees.

If you would like to get more information on how to apply for a visa in Australia, please contact education ONE as your education consultant. Visit our website: or call: 08 6102 1118