Western Australia

Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy and is one of the largest islands in the world. Australia is divided into several states and territories, and one of them is Western Australia. Western Australia takes up the largest area out of all Australian states, making up nearly one third of Australia. The booming economy of Western Australia is supported by the mining, agriculture and international education sectors. Indonesia is located close to Western Australia, and the northern parts of WA have a climate similar to that of Indonesia. It is only 4.5 hours away from Bali by plane.


Its capital, Perth, Western Australia has become a major destination for those looking to study and work in Australia. Similar to the other Australian states, the education system in Western Australia is comprised of three sectors. These are: primary, secondary and tertiary. Within the tertiary sector there are two types of schools; vocational (TAFE) and university. TAFE itself is managed by the government of Western Australia under the auspices of the ETI (Education and Training International). The tuition fees for TAFE relatively affordable compared to that of universities. TAFE places a stronger emphasis on the teaching system of technical expertise in relation to the ongoing industry practice in Australia. In addition to TAFE, there are several other vocational schools managed privately throughout Western Australia.


There are several universities in Western Australia that are ranked among the world’s best universities. These include the University of Western Australia and Curtin University of Technology. Compared with the vocational schools, university tuition fees are more expensive as they are privately run education institutions offering students high level qualifications which lead to employment in professional fields or further study.


Perth offers a relaxed lifestyle with a calm and comfortable collegiate atmosphere, making it known as a university town. It is no wonder that Perth has become one of the most in-demand of Australia‘sstudy destinations these days.


International students who wish to study in Australia, including Western Australia must meet several requirements set out by the department of education, including the requirement of IELTS as well as the latest education diploma when applying to a school. For international students who are under 18 years old and still at the level of 10/11 hoping to enter university will normally be advised to join foundation for a year to obtain year 12 equivalency for university entry. There are a limited number of education providers that can accept students under 18 in the tertiary sector.


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