Why International Students Choose to Study in Perth

study in perth

When choosing to study abroad, potential students are faced with countless choices on a study destinations. When faced with so many choices, why do students continually choose to come and study in Perth, Western Australia? There are many reasons behind this. Perth is an ideal location for study. The environment is clean and peaceful offering a distraction-free and comfortable foundation for education. For those embarking on study abroad for the first time, Perth is a perfect choice as the city is easily navigable, even for the uninitiated. What’s more, the population of Perth is very diverse and is therefore extremely welcoming to people from abroad.

Those who choose to study in Perth do so knowing that the quality of education on offer is world class. There are a range of courses and education institutions to choose from to suit students’ age, interests and budget. Education Providers include: schools, both public and private, TAFE, Colleges, Language Schools and 5 universities. The courses available are not limited to only one course of study. Often students will participate in a series of courses of study in Perth from high school, through to university, or from a Diploma in TAFE through to a Bachelor at university. The education provided to those who choose to study in Perth is quality-assured with a range of flexible pathways and highly trained, caring teaching staff experienced in the field of international education.

While studying in Perth, students can enjoy a multitude of tourist attractions both in Perth and beyond. From the glorious unspoiled beaches, to the breathtaking rainforests, the vast and mysterious desert, students have a lot to see and do while they study in Perth. For those who seek more than just an urban lifestyle, living in Perth is a great opportunity to experience a world of exceptional natural beauty. The sights are definitely something worth sharing with friends back home.

Finally, the economy of Perth and Western Australia is flourishing at the moment. Students are able to work part time while studying in Perth. What’s more, upon graduation, students may be eligible for employment in one of Western Australia’s growing industries or institutions. Given the excellent state of the local economy, the chances of finding well-paid employment are high. Those who study in Perth and apply for work will certainly be considered favourably due to their knowledge that their education background is of top quality and their understanding of the local environment is greater than those seeking employment from outside of Perth.

Perth’s location is strategic. Those who choose to come and study in Perth will have the choice of a number of flights to the city at competitive prices. A visit from family or friends won’t be an issue due to the proximity to a number of strategic cities worldwide. If you are interested in studying in Perth, Western Australia, we recommend the use of a qualified and experienced Australian education agent. education ONE is a Perth-based education agency with years of experience in assisting international students realize their dreams of study in Perth. education ONE can provide assistance with course selection, enrolment, visas, orientation, accommodation and any other on-going support onshore and can be contacted on phone: +61 8 6102 1118 and by email at [email protected] if you would like to receive further advice on study in Perth Australia.