Student Visa Australia


Before gaining entry into Australia as an international student, those who wish to study in Australia must apply for an Australian student visa Australia. To apply for an Australian student visa, the student must first enrol in a college, vocational school or university in Australia. Once the enrolment process is finalized, students will receive e-COE later (electronic Confirmation of Enrollment) that will be used to apply for an Australian student visa. As part of the visa application process, international students are also required to do medical checkup at a clinic appointed by the Australian government. Most importantly, students will need to be able to show financial evidence that covers the first year of tuition fees, one year cost of living in Australia, along with a return ticket. The total cost is approximately AUD $ 30,000. Through this, applicants can prove to the Australian government that they have sufficient funds to support the cost of study and living in Australia. In other words, the student will not be displaced in Australia. In Indonesia, to process student visa for Australia takes 1 month or more depending on the completeness of the documents and the results of medical test. There are several benefits that international students can get with these student visa Australia including:

  1. Access to health insurance for international students who are subsidized by the government
  2. Possibility of part time work during the study
  3. A longer period to stay in Australia (in accordance with length of study)

Among the advantages listed above, the most noteworthy is that students can work part time during their study. With a student visa in Australia, international students are allowed to work part time for a maximum of 20 hours per week during week days and 40 hours per week in school holidays. The field of work offered is diverse, ranging from retail, tourism up to administration.

International Students recently received good news from the Australian government. Following a study on student visas in Australia, known as “Knight Review”, one of the results was that those who graduated university in Australia may be eligible to be granted a graduate visa. These visas allow students to work in Australia up to 4 years after graduating from college and it is open to all subjects. This plan will be launched in 2013.

Using a registered Migration Agent in Perth Australia is very important to ensure that your visa application meets with the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Migration agents in Perth can advise you which visa is the best option according to your circumstances. ONE derland Consulting is a registered migration agent in Australia (MARN 0961448) and will making sure that your visa application is correct and complete. You will be kept up to date with any new rules and regulations in Australia. Your visa application will be lodged and completed in timely manner. We do all types of Australian visas, including student visa Australia, skilled visa, working visa, business visa, partner visa, parents visa, visitor visa and many more.

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