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There are many choices of educational institutions in Western Australia for those who want to continue studying in Perth Australia. Vocational schools and universities in Western Australia offer a wide range of their excellent courses with varying prices. There are indeed an abundance of vocational schools and universities that enjoy an established relationship with the education ONE. Set out below are details of these education institutions.

  • TAFE Perth WA is a vocational school owned and operated by the government of Western Australia. For more than 20 years, this school has been helping international students gain professional skills demanded by industries, especially in Australia. With 10 campuses spread throughout the region of Western Australia, TAFE offers a wide choice of courses at an affordable cost and classroom based teaching. To learn more about TAFE WA, you can access www.eti.wa.edu.au
  • Curtin University Perth WA continuously strives to remain one of the best universities in the world, aiming for constant improvement of the quality of teachers and its graduates. This university, popular in the field of engineering and business has international students from 100 different countries, so it is not surprising that this university is well known in many countries. Curtin university Perth has two main campuses in Western Australia: one located in the heart of the city (Perth CBD) and the other in Bentley. Curtin offers more than 815 majors ranging from agriculture to mining. More info can be found at www.international.curtin.edu.au.
  • Murdoch University Perth WA  is one of the most modern and dynamic universities in Western Australia with an international reputation for teaching, research, and student satisfaction. Murdoch University Perth has three main campuses in Western Australia. This student-based university has been included in the list of best universities in the teaching sector out of all public universities in Australia. You can access www.murdoch.edu.au for more information about this university.
  • Edith Cowan University Perth WA, founded in 1982 with the motto “freedom through knowledge.” The name itself, Edith Cowan, comes from name of the first woman elected in the election of Parliament of Australia. These one of the largest universities in Australia has three main campuses located in Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury, Western Australia region. The campus is best known for its beautiful architectural design and modern buildings. Have you ever heard of Hugh Jackman, the actor who played Wolverine or Logan in the X-men movie? He is one of the art major alumnus at this university. For more info, you can visit www.ecu.edu.au.
  • Phoenix Academy, since it was founded in 1989 with the motto “we care”, Phoenix Academy continues to improve their quality by constantly supporting students’ needs. Their two campuses are located in opportune areas of Western Australia; Perth CBD & Fremantle. Phoenix Academy is one of the only educational institutions that can accept students under 18. More info can be found at www.phoenixacademy.com.au.
  • ACAE (Australian College of Applied Education), has been developing its graduates to become leaders in tourism and hospitality for over 21 years. ACAE is an award winning school in tourism and hospitality. With 4 different teaching areas (ASTHM, ASM, ASCA & ASBM), ACAE aims to improve the quality of graduates in tourism, hospitality, culinary, business and management. It’s proven by the fact that graduates are much sought after by companies in tourism and hospitality both in Australia and overseas. Even when they were studying they have been asked to fill a number of positions in these companies. Want to succeed in tourism & hospitality? Visit www.acae.edu.au.

The above listing of vocational schools and universities in Perth Western Australia is not exhaustive. You can choose from a wide range of schools, colleges and universities if you aim to continue studying in Perth Australia. For further information and consultation on study in Perth Australia, you can contact education ONE, a trusted & licensed education agent. With an extensive knowledge of the education and migration system in Australia, our expert consultants at education ONE will be able to discuss your future study in Perth Australia.