Migration Through Education – How to migrate through education

Migrating to Australia is one of the biggest dreams a person/family can have. Australia is a multicultural country and is welcoming to anyone who wants to move to the wonderland on earth. Australia is a peaceful country where opportunities are wide open and humanity is highly appreciated. The Australian government has provided thousands of visas to foreigners wishing to start new life in this beautiful country. Of course they cannot just invite any person to jump on board, the migration process is quite selective. There are several ways to migrate to Australia. The education qualification is important, and those who are able to migrate are chosen for their potential to contribute to the nation. That’s why only selected people with good qualification, good English, good character and work ethic are welcomed to Australia.

Now, how can we improve our qualification, English Language ability, character and work ethic? Education is the answer. By studying in an Australian Institution, you will improve your qualifications, life skills, English Language skills, and also experience the Australian Culture which is important to understand if you plan to live in this country.

It is important to enroll in the correct course of study that has the best potential to meet the demands of potential employers in Australia. This can increase your chance to migrate to Australia. Many students whose ultimate goal is migration, keep their eyes open for news on immigration changes, and take particular subject/major recommended. International students who studied in Australia and take majors suitable with the current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) are eligible to apply for General Skilled Migration (GSM).

Categories for these Australian working visas are:

  • Skilled – Independent
  • Skilled – Sponsored
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored

All types of sub-class GSM require applicants to meet the specified test points. The test points needed to apply the above visa types include ; study background or Australian Qualification, English Language Level, age, work experience in Australia, matched with the skilled occupation list, willingness to work in rural areas, and a capability to speak another language than English is a plus.


If you would like to receive a free assessment by our registered migration agent in Perth, please contact us at ; [email protected] Ms. Indah as an Australian Registered Migration Agent ( MARN 0961448 ) will assist you in applying for a General Skilled Migration visa. For more information please kindly check out our website; www.onederland.com.au

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